Submit Work to Rocky Mountain Revival

Submit Work to Rocky Mountain Revival

Use the fields below to submit work to RMR.  If you have prerecorded material for review, email it to with the genre, title of submission and author's name in the subject line.  Written work may be pasted into the textbox marked below.  Thanks!


When in doubt, listen to the podcast to see if your voice matches our aesthetic. We are looking for well-told, well-written, polished, poignant, captivating, one-of-a-kind stories. We accept all genres. Think of this when you submit: When our listeners are driving, or doing the dishes, or out walking under the stars we want them to be able to listen to just your story, just your poem, or your song and need nothing else in that moment. 

The Particulars:

Simultaneous submissions are welcome, just let us know if your work gets accepted elsewhere. Only one submission at a time, and then wait until we get back to you. Previously published works are also welcome. Just make sure you hold the rights and tell us who to give credit to for first publication.

We are looking for all genres of literature: Fiction, flash fiction, poetry, creative non-fiction, all speculative fiction, experimental/cross-genre writing and genres that haven't been invented yet.

We want all kinds of music: We have a soft spot for folk, indie, acoustic, and singer/songwriter styles, as they tend to work thematically with the stories we air. But we accept all genres of music except anything techno/house/EDM/dubstep. None of that here. ***Musicians either post a link to your music in this form or email

Writers: Submit up to five poems (1,000 words max total), three flash fiction pieces (1,000 words max total), or short stories/creative non-fiction up to 1,500 words.

What else?

Flash fiction is the stuff we tend to air the most because it works best with the podcast, but we do love all genres.

Excessive violence, sex, sexism, racism, bigotry, and all that other unpleasant stuff will most likely get tossed out. We're not prudes, but we believe in a tasteful potrayal of controversial themes. 

Please note that if we accept your work, we will ask you to record yourself reading it. 

Please wait for a maximum of 2 months for a response. We try to respond within a month max. We are all writers here so we know how much the waiting sucks. You can send an email to if we haven't responded within 2 months. 

***Oh Yea...We are currently looking for guest readers, guest producers, editors and anyone that wants to join our team. If you have experience in any of the following: voice acting, sound editing, thematic music production, editing, social media, or you just want to be a part of RMR, just send us an email.

Paste Your Work here. Any special formatting beyond line breaks will be discarded, including italics, bold, etc. If the formatting is necessary for the integrity of the piece, submit by email to
Bio and any further information you would like to include goes here!