Rain Check Collected Stories by Levi Andrew Noe

Rain Check Collected Stories by Levi Andrew Noe

This is an audio trailer for Rain Check Collected Stories by Levi Andrew Noe.

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The 58 stories of Rain Check explore the vast universes that exist within the 1,000 word confines of flash literature. The material leaps gracefully from the humorous, the heartbreaking, reverent, profane, carnal and the ethereal. Noe makes us feel bound in deeply personal moments and experiences that, in turn, tap into the unifying humanity that binds us all. Rain Check zooms in and out of the macro and microscopic while always keeping a keen eye on the multi-faceted mystery of being that seems to only make sense through contradiction.

Published by Truth Serum Press, Copyright 2016, the Audiobook was produced by Levi Andrew Noe copyright 2016.