Blink Ink Dance Party Vol. 2

Blink Ink Dance Party Vol. 2

What we have here is our annual dance party featuring 8 authors reading microfiction works featured in Blink Ink

Our authors are: Nancy Stohlman, Doug Matthewson (reading for Sally Reno), Rob Geisen, Lynn Mundell, Kathryn Knudson, Gay Degani, Katie Yates, and Catfish McDaris

And we are graced with musical accompaniment from Nick Busheff.

Blink Ink publishes the finest in very short fiction. all stories are in the ballpark of about 50 words. Their issues come out four times a year, and if you are a subscriber, they are delivered to your door in a beautiful, compact book that can fit right in your back pocket. You’re going to get a small taste of what Blink Ink offers today, but I can’t recommend this publication highly enough. There is nothing like the feeling I get when I open my mailbox and the latest Blink Ink is delivered with dozens of the finest stories in micro-literature.

Go subscribe now. 10 measly dollars a year gets you four issues straight to your door. Go to and subscribe now. It's fun, it's easy, it's cheap, so let's go. Operators are standing by.