Rocky Mountain Revival is born from the love of three things: stories, songs and podcasts. 

We are like an audio art chimera, in that we act as part literary journal, part music showcase, and part storytelling podcast. We see no reason why "art" needs to be narrowly defined or mutually exclusive. 

Our mission is twofold, first and foremost to deliver independent, possibly unknown or outlier audible art (writing, music, storytelling, etc.) to an audience that is starved for genuine, authentic art uncorrupted by the mainstream media. Secondly, our mission is to create a platform for writers, musicians, poets, dreamers, and artists of all types that produce work that can be heard with the ears.

Why not let our Theme Song explain it all to you. 



Our Founder and Editor in Chief is Levi Andrew Noe. He also hosts, produces, writes, wrangles and does all the dirty jobs for the podcast. Find more about Levi here. And find him on Facebook and Twitter @LeviAndrewNoe










Our Fiction Editor is Jack C. Buck. Jack is originally from Michigan. He writes, reads, and is honored to read your submissions. Find him on Tumblr and Twitter @Jack_C_Buck




Max Winne, Daniel Grant, Tyler Morse and Brian Goetzinger all contribute from time to time to the music, and episode scoring.