49: Travel by Words

49: Travel by Words


In this episode we take you on a journey. We have 10 artists, over a dozen stories, poems and a featured song that will all transport you to another place, another time, at the very least another vantage point.

Writers, Poets and Artists (in order of appearance):

Clive Collins- “Into Africa”

Yvonne Higgins Leach- “The Woman Only Wanted Water,” “Walter, Wrongly Convicted,” and “We Cancel Thanksgiving Dinner After the 2016 Election Results”

Brendan Walsh- “A Good Beer,” “In La Jolla, Drinking Blue Label at Dusk,” and “No Life, No Hope”

Lisa Biggar- “Blood Moon”

Arusha Topazzini- “Ovento”

Sergio A. Ortiz- “If it Rains and Night Arrives”

Amy Nemecek- “A Daughter’s Keepsake”

Joe Roberts- “How to Know You’re Being Invaded: A Story Problem,” and “Someday, When a Child Asks me About Kites”

Susan Koefod- “Singed”

Lenny DellaRocca- “Big John”


Thematic Music provided by Kai Engel