Hey, we just reached a milestone of 10,000 downloads and it's pretty neat. Yea, there are podcasts out there that get 10,000 downloads per episode, but you know what? 10,000 is a lot more than 0, so we're still going to celebrate. Also, keep in mind that 10,000 is just the number that our cheapo analytics give us, so in reality we probably have a lot more istens than a mere 10,000 from streaming, links, etc. But really, the point is that you are listening, and more and more people are continuing to listen and that's all that matters. Our authors, musicians and audio artists have a home and an audience, and so, dear listener, this is all to say THANK YOU!

And now, here's a list of our top three most listened to episode, just in case you want to head back and revisit.

1. Episode 32: Kathy Fish and Robert Vaughan, an Interview and Readings From Rift

2. Episode 15: Flash Fiction Episode 1 with Eye and the Arrow

3. Episode 24: Three Stories and a Stelth Ulvang